Cependant, Flyff dégage des revenus par l'intermédiaire d'une boutique virtuelle intégrée au jeu permettant de faire des micro transactions micro paiements : les joueurs peuvent y acheter toutes sortes d'objets leur permettant de personnaliser leur personnage costumes, capes, équipement divers, etc. Le jeu se déroule dans l'univers fantastique de Madrigal, dans lequel se côtoient monstres et humains. Le joueur y incarne un aventurier débutant, qu'il pourra faire évoluer au fil de son parcours dans le jeu et dont il pourra modifier le métier sa classe de personnage en chemin, en fonction de ses choix. L'originalité de Flyff réside dans son style de jeu particulier : les joueurs ont en effet la possibilité de se déplacer dans les airs sur des balais volants ou avec des planches de surf volantes, ceci à partir du niveau Cela change radicalement de l'expérience de jeu habituelle sur ce type de jeu de rôle, tout en en préservant les standards aventure dans des lieux dangereux, exploration de donjons, combats.

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In September the company changed the name to Flyff and started the first closed beta in Korea. Over the next year it was launched in three more countries: China , Taiwan , and Thailand. In November , the US received the closed beta , which ran for a month before Flyff was commercially launched in December. Bent on the destruction of all life, Shade set the population adrift in the great sea and infected the land with Masquerpets monsters to complete her task.

In an attempt to aid the humans her sister Bubble split the land into what is now called Madrigal. Exiled by eight Heroes in the Great War, Shade has now returned.

Characters choose character classes at level 15, and sub-classes at level The game refers to these as the first and second job changes. The job changes are obligatory - when a character reaches the requisite level, experience gain stops until it completes one of the job quests.

At level , the character may become a Master, returning to level 60 with enhanced powers, to work its way back up to level and become a Hero. Levels are gained based on experience, which is acquired primarily by killing and secondarily by performing quests. Quests mostly involve killing specific Masquerpets and collecting quest objects they drop. Each type drops a different type of quest object. A typical early quest is the one called "Party of Is," which requires one to kill Pukepukes, collecting 7 Chupims.

Some skills have a cool-down time. Some skills can cause status effects, confusion, stun, and bleed being the most common.

Skills must be chosen carefully, as it's not possible to acquire maximum levels in all skills available until level 60 Master. Masquerpets drop money called penya in game , equipment, and consumable items food, potions as well as quest objects.

These can all be traded, and gameplay involves a lot of buying and selling to collect desired equipment. Most equipment has a minimum level at which it can be used, so characters below Master level are likely to replace their equipment regularly.

Classes At level 15 the user may choose from 4 jobs, each offering a different gaming experience. At level 60 each class splits into 2 complementary classes. The Heroes of Madrigal are the highest level, To become a Hero, the user must complete a quest demanding the collection of rare items.

The classes to choose from. The Mercenary is the tank of FlyFF. They are an "Up in your face" fighter and the warrior class of Flyff.

They use swords and axes. This class subdivides into: Blade, class of the hero Heren. Capable of dual-wielding swords and axes, this class is one of the best damage dealers in the game. Knight , class of the hero Billeien. Receiving the most health per stamina points in the game and dealing lots of damage with their axes, Knights are the best tanks. The Magician is for those who wish to advance using their will and master all the spells at their disposal.

Very dependent on mana , this class can be expensive to play. Is one of the best damage dealers in the game. This class subdivides into: Elementor, class of the hero Lillip. The Elementor has a wide variety of devastating elemental spells. Psykeeper, class of the hero Offerep. Mental and demonic forces fuel the skills of this subclass. The Assist is the Medic or Priest class of Flyff.

They have an array of buffs to enhance the user's stats. They also can fight using blunt melee weapons called Knuckles. This class can be played as support or as a fighter. This class subdivides into: Billposter, class of the hero Roentel. Between their proficiency in hand-to-hand combat and their Assist buffs, this is the most self-sufficient class in the game. Ringmaster , class of the hero Eiene.

This is an elite support class whose presence is often necessary during gameplay. They are proficient in the use of yo-yos and bows. This class subdivides into: Ranger , class of the hero Hainan. Extreme speed and the capacity of invisibility make this class deadly stealth attackers. Jester , class of the hero Curenen. Masters of trickery, these fighters will use dark magic, poison, and even blood leaching to best their enemies. Combat Combat in Flyff comes in two styles, melee and ranged.

Skills are available to all classes with different skills being available to different classes. All combatants are dependent on potions. Health, fight power, and magic power bars are replenishable through food, vital drinks, and mana refreshers. PvP Player versus player PvP fighting is allowed on all servers without penalty in the form of dueling. Both players must confirm first, except in the PvP Arena, a free-for-all environment found on all servers.

Social Systems Lord System Introduced in version 12, the Lord system allows eligible [7] players to be voted as the Lord of their server for 2 weeks. While a Lord, a player may introduce a number of events on the server. The other portion is given to the winning Tower Siege guild. To vote for a candidate, a player must be at least level 60 and must have logged in to the game within the last 30 days.

Each player may only vote for one candidate. Party System The party system encourages cooperative gameplay by increasing experience and booty for those who are in a party. A lone player does not benefit from or harm a party. A party starts as a Regular Party, where experience is on Level and distributed evenly to party members found in the same location. At level 10 the party is changed to Advanced.

Now the party experience can be changed to Contribution and will be distributed by the amount of damage done. Originally intended to hold one of each 2nd job class, an Advanced Party may have 8 players. Within a guild players may use guild chat. Guilds are a good way of socializing on Flyff. Many in-game activities are guild-based.

Guilds may choose an emblem and cloak to represent themselves and they have the use of a warehouse. A large amount of the end-game content is guild-related. Guild Siege This is a weekly event, held on Saturday in channel 1 of each server, which tests the mettle of each guild competing. It is a "free-for-all" environment. A total of 8 Guilds may enter. Each Guild may have 10 players. The 8 highest bidders compete. Clockworks War This is a guild dungeon that any level guild may enter.

Each guild may do it only once, so many players form a new guild to do the Clockworks War then disband. If the user fails, he may redo until he completes. If they succeed in defeating this room, they can attempt to defeat the center room for their side.

If the center room is conquered, they must then fight Asmodan, a boss with million HP whom they must defeat to claim their side's reward. Couple System The couple system is a marriage-style connection between a male and a female character that was implemented in Version 13 [8] to encourage cooperative gameplay. Two characters forming a couple are granted special buffs and with each new couple level gained, they receive gifts. Maintenance is held every Wednesday 9 am to 1 pm, keeping the game fresh.

Collector System Introduced in version 11, the Collector System [6] gives the user something new to do. With the use of a Collector the player can collect rare and unique game items. From Suit Socket Cards to flying clouds, collecting can be a lucrative pastime.

The Collector System is added in the previous earlier game version and can be used without batteries.

It collects erons instead of collecting items in a collecting area. Private Shops The player shop is a good way to make some extra cash. The shop holds 20 items and has a chat interface as well as an information interface, providing the seller information on players who have connected to their shop, disconnected from their shop.

When there are too many shops in one place it can cause lag and make the game crash. There are seven types of Raised Pets, which start out as eggs and can be dropped by any Masquerpet level 20 and above. If left in the egg stage, the pet will fail to evolve or die. The pets must also be fed to keep them alive. Each Raised Pet has five levels and three appearances.


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