Cette époque les marocains s'intéressaient plus aux chansons rythmées avec des paroles moins logique. Le professionnalisme de la star se voit sur les réactions des enfants. Ceux qui monopolisent la scène artistique au Maroc sont des mieux que rien je m'excuse de l'expression. Une chanson ce n'est pas seulement des paroles et une idée mais c'est surtout une musique et la belle musique nous manque vraiment au Maroc ces derniers temps. Soyons sincères avec nous-même, la musique marocaine n'a pas besoin seulement d'artistes sortis du conservatoire, mais d'artistes doués capable de créer de belles musiques comme celles des compositeurs du charqi que notre jeunesse et même nos adultes aiment et téléchargent sur internet.

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Nouamane Lahlou mixes in elements of his eastern classical Oud training, blending Egyptian pop rhythms with Moroccan melodies and lyrics. Morocco is the ideal starting point for traveler to Africa. An easy hop from Europe and a friendly and hectic stimulating place to get around. Open-air markets through the country are piles high with rugs, woodwork, and jewelry.

It combines a diverse environment, sea and snow in a way that developers could only dream about. Between the mountains and the Atlantic Coast are plateaus and plains that are fertile and well watered.

In the south, the gorges gradually peter out into the endless sand and stony wastes of the vast Sahara. Morocco is the most admired country by its variety of monuments in different cities and the unique architecture that impress all its visitors. Being a Muslim country, Moroccan people follow the 5 pillars of Islam including the fasting during the month of Ramadan. The Qumran is the book of Allah and the laws of Islam.

At the time of the prophet, women were always at the side of men. Women even went to battle and at one point the leader of the army was a woman, Aisha. Women were epic poetry. They helped the cause in any way even if all they could do was pray. Morocco is also known by the American Legation Museum; a fascinating reminder that Morocco was the first to recognize American Independence. Forming a great combination of different voices, tone colors, melodies, and harmonies they joined in the Yearly Famous Concert of the Arabic Music in Morocco precisely in a City called Fes.

Nouaman Lahlou was terrific in this concert that illustrated the major musical genre to be found within the boundaries of the country. He used a magnificent and highly evolved sense of rhythm, which manifests itself in the twin arts of music and dance. The quality of the material was very impressed and uniformly splendid. Her earth is generous and Bride between two shores hospitable. Her features speak her beauty… Whoever is running from pain The pride, charm and can visit our land and be healed.

So many have been captivated Whoever drinks her water recovers. Our land is a place of solace. Whoever asks should come A refreshing drink from a and see for themselves pure spring.

Il porte tour à tour la casquette de chanteur, auteur, compositeur, écrivain, chercheur en musicologie et maître-conférencier. Son dévouement pour la musique commence dès son plus jeune âge. Après quelques temps le jeune virtuose décide de rentrer au pays pour enrichir la scène musicale marocaine.


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